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For my Queen in Heaven

Ok, this is Personal and trying not to make it too long.... But for many of you, you've

learned Ellie is my Mom... I've changed my business name from 'SweetArt Cakes' to

Ellie's Sweet Treats.... She was my EVERYTHING and the most wonderful, Pure Hearted, Nourishing,

Genuinely Loving... My Bestest Friend, My Idol.... We always did Everything in 3's, (another time to explain).

The most Helpful, Giving, Always doing so much more, Always putting everyone before herself.

My Mom was a woman that cared so very much for everyone, even if she didn't know you well.... everyone felt very drawn to her warm personality... She NEVER Judge anyone.... regardless of what people say or mistakes we've made in our lives,.... she saw everyone as equal.

She has done so much to help so many in her life.... been there for people when they had no one else, drop everything in heartbeat when needed....

Very involved, very caring... She once told me.... We can't save the world, but if you can help someone.... you've made a Difference in that person's life...That Matters!

I want to carry her famous Legend of the Golden Heart, ....

Helping in anyway possible... to contribute...Been very busy here.... Ellie's Sweet Treats teamed up with several Organizations.... and planning on much more to contact... Never realized so many.

Every Month we will pick an Organization, National, Local, Family in needs...

Ones I've contacted so far and teamed up with (much more I will be working on)

~Friends of Homeless Animals

~National Alliance to End Homelessness

(Veterans, Families and Youth)

~St. Jude Children's Research... Finding Cures, saving children

And a very touching, personal one for me..... here in CT.... Connecticut Children's Hospital.

I was there visiting for couple days, talking, interacting with so many children, families, staff....

How absolutely incredible, all these beautiful children were going through so much yet very positive, upbeat attitudes.

The expression on their face when they saw the sweet treats... so many that didn't have the strength or energy

but still made such effort.... took everything in me not to shed any tears while I was in there....

Sorry very long..... Almost done..... I promise....

I wish I could Post all the beautiful pictures taken when I was there..... But I was Advised NOT to

for the the Safety of all the Children and families,... they didn't want it posted on Social Media.

I Completely Understand and Respect their Wish.

To carry my moms name, to make a Difference....Ellie's Sweet Treats is contributing every single order that

comes in.... 20% will be going to the organization pick for that month ....

I've set up a Donate Button with Pay pal and any major Credit Cards if any one wanted to Contribute anything extra to Help these Organizations..... PLEASE NOTE..... YOU DO NOT NEED TO ORDER WITH US..... This is NOT my Goal..... My Goal is for us all to CARE and HELP, to make a Difference....

Starting Month of September....Our Very first .... CONNECTICUT CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL!!!!!!!

You may even visit their website to Donate there or you can do it on Ellie's Sweet Treats Website.

Any Donations made here, 100% goes to that Charity of Month.... Ellie's Sweet Treat REFUSES to accept

any percentage of Donations made.

With Love Always xoxo

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