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Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispy Pops

A large marshmallow & crisped rice cereal treat Pops, dipped in premium chocolate, 
White, Milk, Dark and colored chocolate also available.
Your choice of chocolate drizzle and decorative "topping" 
(colored sugar, jimmies, etc.)

Minimum order: 1 dozen per size & decor style

Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispy Pops or Brownies


~White, Milk, Dark Chocolate
~Peanut Butter Chips
~Chocolate Chips
~M & M's
~Graham Cracker Pieces
~Toffee Bits
~Shredded Sweet Coconut
~Mini Marshmallows
~Oreo Cookie Pieces
~Honey Roasted Peanuts
~Dried Cranberries
~Pretzel Pieces
~Reese's P.B. Cup Pieces
~Rainbow Sprinkles
~Chocolate Sprinkles
~Reeses Pieces
~Nonpareils Candy Sprinkles
~Butterfinger Pieces
~Snicker Pieces

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