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The only thing to make Cake Pops even better is alcohol!

Tease your taste buds.... sinfully sweet and satisfying, they've got just the right amount of
booze to Kick things up a notch or two!
If you're looking to spike things up, that's a little more daring than your average,
these amazing Boozy Cakes Pops will blow you away!

Any Alcohol of Your Preference and cake flavor combined...
Few examples,
Pink Champagne- Guinness- Rum- Kahlua- Bailey's- Cherry Vodka...
List is.... Well, .... ENDLESS!!! ;) The FUN Pop SHOT!!!

Another Popular Choice- Red Wine and Dark Chocolate Boozy Pops!!!!!

Minimum order: 1 dozen per flavor and basic decor style

BOOZY Cake Pops, The Fun Pop 'Shot!!!!'


Cake Pops and So Much More!!!

Whether you live around the corner or half-way across the country, you can still send thoughts
 of love, friendship, congratulations or sympathy with one of our tasty and attractive gifts. 
We’re here to help, Ellie's Sweet Treats will suit every taste and important occasion!!!

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